Networking 101:
An Introduction To Networking,
covering Internet Basics,
Home Networks, Wi-Fi, Security,
and IPv4

Current Version: n101.1e.pdf   Free PDF Reader
2011-2012, 278 pages, 1.6 MB, undergoing minor updates.

Author: Don Colton   Prof Colton   Course: IT 280   Course: IT 480

Networking 101 is:

A Free Textbook for a college-level Intro to Networking course

What are the first things you need to know about networking? Answering that question is our goal.

It is a college-level introduction to data communications and networking. It covers the information appropriate to an introductory one-semester (forty class hour) course in networking.

We focus on target skills, concepts, and topics that are normally expected of students who have passed such a course. We also cover the basic skills and concepts that support these target objectives.

Revisions are ongoing. New sections will appear and existing sections will be revised. Suggestions are welcome: email

The book is typeset using LaTeX. The author is Don Colton, Associate Dean in the College of Business, Computing, and Government at Brigham Young University Hawaii.

Selected Links Mentioned in the Book

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